Monday, April 2, 2007

Cyber subculture

Cyber culture is a subculture which stems from various underground music and social scenes such as rave and goth. Cyber fashions are influenced by cyberpunk, rave and goth, with those leaning towards the goth end being referred to as "cybergoths" and those leaning towards the trance/hard dance music being referred to as "cyberkids". The subculture as a whole is characterized by an interest in fashion, clubbing, and electronic music. It is also characterized by an interest in emergent techonologies, as well as their effects on society.

Some common themes in cyber fashion include the use of high contrast colours, such as black and white, neon and UV-reactive materials, vibrantly coloured and stylized hair (often with extensions, braids and other paraphenalia), large shoes or boots, body mod, and superfluous accessories such as goggles. There is also usually a strong androgynous element, with cyberpunk and anime influences as well.

Cyber culture is primarily centred around the internet and nightlife, being closely associated with specific clubs in the UK and US.

All info was taken from Wikipedia.

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